“An essential part of the spiritual life is joining together with those who are spiritually minded, who want to promote our growth and who want us to promote theirs.” –Easwaran

Welcome to the BMCM family of Easwaran’s students. From the earliest years when Easwaran began teaching passage meditation in Berkeley, California, he held a weekly free 'satsang,' a gathering where those who are meditating under Easwaran’s guidance can listen to him speak, followed by the precious opportunity to meditate together. We have carried on this unbroken tradition every week for over five decades. Wherever you live, you can join us through BMCM Satsang Live, eSatsang, Local BMCM Satsangs or a combination of these three options.

Groups Online

  • BMCM Satsang Live

    Join our twice-weekly video satsang hosted by BMCM presenters.

  • eSatsang

    Join passage meditators around the world to get support and inspiration for your practice of the eight-point program.

Groups in your neighborhood