Thought for the Day

Sunday 8 December

As clouds are blown away by the wind, the thirst for material pleasures will be driven away by the utterance of the Lord's name.

— Sri Sarada Devi

Eknath Easwaran's Commentary

When we are getting angry, or are driven by some craving, the mind is taking off like a sports car that can accelerate from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds. It’s gone before we even know what has happened. What the mantram can do, when we use it regularly and become established in it, is exactly what a power brake does: stop the car quickly. In all loving relationships, one of the most vital faculties to cultivate is a power brake.

When the mind is getting agitated, when angry words are rushing to our lips and our blood pressure is going up, that is the time to step on the power brake; you just touch it lightly and the car stops. Try it. You’ll be amazed at the mantram’s power in such situations.

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