The Monkey and the Mango

Stories of My Granny

Delightfully illustrated, The Monkey and the Mango is Easwaran’s only book of children’s stories, as told to him by his granny, his spiritual teacher.

Easwaran recounts simple yet significant episodes where universal spiritual truths are found in everyday life, as his grandmother teaches him self-confidence, trust, and how to live peacefully and in unity with the world around.

Ages: Four and up


The audiobook is read by Paul Bazely, a professional actor and longtime student of Easwaran.

I purchased this book of Eknath Easwaran's tales from his grandmother for a young friend who's three years old. I ended up looking through the book and being so charmed by the simple tales and beautiful illustrations that I'm going to order another copy – that way we'll each have one. The stories are a bit reminiscent of Aesop's in that they demonstrate lessons, but they're lighter and less moralistic. The love between grandmother and grandson radiates from every word. As someone who was very close to my grandparents my whole life, I deeply enjoyed that.

One aspect of the book that I think is particularly valuable for children is the presentation of the natural world. So many young children today live far removed from nature. If this book and its stories can help to interest a young child in the natural world going on all around her/him (and I think it can), that will be wonderful.

Please do consider this as a perfect gift for any young person in your life, or as a good addition to your own library if you enjoy very special and unique illustrated books.