A Little Book of Courage & Hope

Read this little book whenever you need some courage, some inspiration, and some peace in your heart – whenever you feel saddened by the news headlines and need an answer to the question, “But what can I do?”

Loving relationships, raising children, living simply, aging wisely. Easwaran’s short essays show you how small daily efforts to improve your own life and the lives of those around you can add up to a powerful force for renewal. 

Renewal has been carefully abridged from the earlier book Your Life Is Your Message to convey Easwaran's insights for readers today. It contains practical suggestions for readers of any faith, philosophy, or lifestyle. This book of pocket wisdom can lift your spirits and remind you gently of Easwaran’s spiritual path


The audiobook is read by Paul Bazely, a professional actor and longtime student of Easwaran.

In this book, Easwaran inspires us to tap into our source, the wellspring of love and wisdom within each of us, and to pursue our highest ideals. Finding harmony with ourselves, others, and the planet is not a terrible burden but instead a meaningful, fulfilling and even invigorating endeavor. In this way, Easwaran posits that humans are a keystone species for all of life on Earth.


Eknath Easwaran's ability to communicate the wisdom of the ages has helped me to survive and thrive. I recommend this book unconditionally to people of all ages, races, and religions."

Bernie Siegel, MD