A Little Book of Inner Strength

This little book makes a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking a life that is kinder, more stable and serene. It will also boost your inspiration on a busy day, or while you are traveling.

Our remaining copies of the original hardcover edition of Patience are available only from BMCM, while supplies last. With high quality binding and two-color interiors, these little books of “pocket wisdom” make lovely gifts or keepsakes.

Patience is a collection of easy-to-read excerpts from Easwaran’s lesser-known books, enriched with material from previously unpublished transcripts of his talks. 

These varied readings are as entertaining as they are instructive. Gentle reminiscences of India, tales from Easwaran’s Hindu heritage, and inspiration from Gandhi and the world’s saints lift our spirits and give us courage. 

“Patience is the ornament of the brave,” Easwaran’s wise grandmother used to say. In relationships, patience is the mark of love. Easwaran combines humor with practicality, and gives powerful insights and sometimes surprising advice for developing patience at home and at work. 

Patience is an often ignored key to happiness. Fortunately for us, it's possible to cultivate at any age. This little book contains a lot of wisdom about how and why to do that.

M.J. Ryan, author of The Power of Patience and AdaptAbility

Simple, nourishing reading, as all of E.E.'s books are. But you won't realize what a fighter this little book is until you read it during times when you are truly weak. Weak from being as kind to your co-workers as you could be, with no apparent improvement in relations. Weak from giving your time to your family, without them realizing how hard it was to do. Weak from just surviving the day, week, or month, and still finding no meaningful purpose. Weak from simply giving, and seeing nothing given in return.

Easwaran talks to us very personally; it feels as though he knows you. In our weakest moment, he takes the defeat quietly, and somehow turns it into an experience of deep, overflowing joy. A joy victorious in always seeing the best in everyone, the best in ourselves. A joy that cares only to be given! The book culminates in the section titled, "The Joy of Saint Francis." Saving the best for last, Saint Francis finally gives us a most beautiful answer to our deepest of questions, "what is perfect joy?"

Highly recommended!!!