Stories From Meditators

Passage meditators worldwide share their experiences. Find inspiration, encouragement, and practical tips for your own practice.

  • It Takes Work but It's Worth It

    LB, living in Chattanooga, Tennessee, shares his reflections on the effort required to maintain a regular passage meditation practice, and the benefits it brings.

  • Experiments, Results, Conclusions: Starting a Meditation Practice

    Krishna shares his story about navigating the many phases between first reading an Easwaran book and establishing a daily meditation practice

  • A Day in the Life of a Passage Meditator

    Lisa is a passage meditator in San Francisco, California. She shares how she is working on incorporating her eight-point practice into all aspects of her day.

  • Finding Easwaran & Establishing a Practice

    Laura in Denver, Colorado, shares her story of finding passage meditation and her path to establishing a regular daily practice.

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  • “Conquest of Mind”: Beginning a Spiritual Journey

    Sam, in New South Wales, Australia, describes how the book “Conquest of Mind” set him on a life-long spiritual journey with passage meditation.

  • Coming Home: Rediscovering Easwaran and Passage Meditation

    Sara shares how she first learned about Easwaran and passage meditation as a child, and then embraced it herself as a young adult.

  • A Week in Tomales: Before, During, After

    Krishna is a young adult living in Berkeley, California. He shares the experience and benefits of his first BMCM weeklong retreat.

  • My Reasons for Attending Young Adult Retreats

    Isaac is a Young Adult (YA) living in San Diego, California. He shares how YA weekend retreats inspire his meditation practice.