Stories From Meditators

Passage meditators worldwide share their experiences. Find inspiration, encouragement, and practical tips for your own practice.

  • The Mantram as a Tool for Transforming Difficult Relationships

    Chris shares how she used the mantram to stay kind over the long haul in a difficult working relationship.

  • The Difference the Mantram Makes

    Myron shares how the mantram and meditation have helped him to transform his agitation at a family gathering.

  • Eight-Point Program Grandparenting

    Laura is a passage meditator who splits her time between the Bay Area in California and Illinois. She describes how the eight points have helped her spend quality time with her granddaughter, and offers some tips for anyone raising a child.

  • Eight-Point Program Parenting

    Adam and Emily share how they are using the eight points to find balance, unity, and spiritual growth in their life with a new baby.

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  • Creating a Personal Retreat

    Paige, a passage meditator Sacramento, California shares how she creates a personal retreat to help her focus and strengthen her practice of the eight points from her own home.

  • Healing With the Mantram

    Susan shares how her practice of the eight points helped her find peace at the time of her mother’s passing. She also suggests creative ways for using the mantram at a challenging time.

  • The Brain, the Mind, & the Mantram

    Dr. Daniel Lowenstein, Executive Vice Chancellor and Professor of Neurology at UCSF, shares his perspective on the positive effects of using the mantram from the scientific point of view.

  • The Art of Slowing Down

    Jeremy shares some of the strategies he's developed to try and master the art of slowing down, even in the midst of a busy life.

  • Slowing Down in a Busy Workplace

    Merritt shares how her practice of the eight points, specifically Slowing Down, has helped her handle difficult conversations at work.

  • Giving Attention & Gaining Energy

    Kurt shares how he uses the eight points throughout his day to manage his energy, so he can be effective and efficient in completing a major project.

  • The Best Support as You Get Older

    Norma is a longtime meditator – she started in her 30s and was 87 when we talked to her for this interview. She tells how Easwaran’s eight-point program is giving her even more support and purpose in her later years.

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  • The Path to Detachment

    Sheryl describes how she transformed a negative tendency into a more loving one, using her practice of the eight points.

  • Meditation & Meaning in Work

    Susheelkumar describes how he established a daily passage meditation practice, and the results he’s seen in his personal and work life.

  • Satsang: It Is in Giving That We Receive

    Taking on the challenge of sharing passage meditation with others, Scott found several unexpected benefits for his own practice.