Stories From Meditators

Passage meditators worldwide share their experiences. Find inspiration, encouragement, and practical tips for your own practice.

  • The Mantram as a Tool for Transforming Difficult Relationships

    Chris shares how she used the mantram to stay kind over the long haul in a difficult working relationship.

  • Applying Passages To Difficult Situations

    Can passages help a difficult work relationship? Abhijeet in Tomales, California, answers "Yes!" and shares some of his application strategies.

  • Coming Home: Rediscovering Easwaran and Passage Meditation

    Sara shares how she first learned about Easwaran and passage meditation as a child, and then embraced it herself as a young adult.

  • Passage Meditation in a Christian Context

    Josh in Danville, California shares how Easwaran and passage meditation have helped his faith and personal practice as both a Christian and a pastor.

  • The Art of Slowing Down

    Jeremy shares some of the strategies he's developed to try and master the art of slowing down, even in the midst of a busy life.

  • Slowing Down in a Busy Workplace

    Merritt shares how her practice of the eight points, specifically Slowing Down, has helped her handle difficult conversations at work.

  • Giving Attention & Gaining Energy

    Kurt shares how he uses the eight points throughout his day to manage his energy, so he can be effective and efficient in completing a major project.

  • Can We Be on Holiday All the Time?

    Kate in Aldergrove, Canada, shares her thoughts on how to approach work and daily life to try to be on holiday (in a spiritual sense) all the time.

  • Tips for Meditating on the Road

    Meditation is hard enough at home and under ideal conditions – so how can we keep it up when we're on the road and off our normal schedule? Adam, in Alameda, California, shares his tips.

  • Meditation & Meaning in Work

    Susheelkumar describes how he established a daily passage meditation practice, and the results he’s seen in his personal and work life.