Climbing the Blue Mountain

Take the Next Step on Your Spiritual Journey

In this collection of informal talks, Easwaran invites you on a journey, an adventure to find the supreme goal of life.

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Fifteen warm, engaging essays present different aspects of meditation and the spiritual life, showing how we can rearrange our lives, little by little, to fit a higher purpose. Featuring saints and mystics from East and West, and a host of stories and anecdotes, this book reads like a conversation with a wise friend, with deep spiritual insights that you’ll want to come back to again and again.

Easwaran writes, “When you travel within, every day is fresh with discoveries and challenges, inspiration and profound peace. The scenes I paint for you in the following pages are just a fleeting glimpse of the continuing adventure that awaits you as you enter this world.”

The final essay, “Climbing the Blue Mountain,” which gives the book its title, is a moving account of the spiritual quest. Easwaran compares this with a long journey that he makes from the hot, dusty plains of Central India, up through jungle and plantations, to his home in the cool hills of the Blue Mountains, where his mother waits for him – reminding us that on the spiritual path, we too will one day find our true home.

This third edition (Jan. 2022) has a new cover.


The audiobook is a reading of four of the chapters from the book: Taking the Plunge, Chasing Rainbows, The Secret of Happiness and Climbing the Blue Mountain. It is read by Paul Bazely, a professional actor and longtime student of Easwaran.

These essays sparkle with the humor and insight that have made Eknath Easwaran a popular teacher for over 30 years . . . Easwaran clarifies spiritual practice with vivid, concrete metaphors drawn from his years of observing people, animals, and the natural world. He certainly doesn’t downplay the difficulty of the meditative quest, which in order to be successful will cost us everything we have. But he does present its rewards so persuasively that it’s hard to resist the impulse to sit down and start right away.

Yoga Journal

Fantastically articulated. Brings a warmth and compassion to the Dharma that is less or missing from many contemporary teachers. Presents meditation as accessible and possible and as a practice you want to begin.