Easwaran’s Talks & Writings

Get inspiration and guidance directly from Easwaran in excerpts from his books, articles, and audio and video talks.

  • You Are That

    In this short video clip, less than five minutes long, Easwaran explains the underlying meaning and practical implications of the ancient spiritual statement, "You Are That."

  • Learning to Forgive Ourselves

    As we grow in spiritual awareness, we become more aware of mistakes we’ve made in the past. It’s a painful process, but Easwaran gives us practical, compassionate advice for dealing with guilt.

  • Forgiving Others, Forgiving Ourselves

    Lasting forgiveness is very hard to achieve, but it’s essential if we are to live in peace with ourselves. Easwaran gives practical spiritual guidance.

  • Raja Yoga

    Meditation makes us kings and queens of our own lives, Easwaran explains in this seven-minute video clip. We gradually bring our thoughts under our control, enabling us to make our fullest contribution to life.

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  • An Uncluttered Mind

    Easwaran explains in this audio talk how attachment affects the workings of the mind. Meditation helps us to declutter our homes and our lives.

  • The Goal of Life: Part 1

    This audio talk contains Easwaran’s commentary on the supreme goal of life, which we can all reach through sincere, sustained spiritual practice.

  • The Goal of Life: Part 2

    Easwaran addresses the theme of human evolution and comments on a Sanskrit verse in the second part of his audio talk.

  • Slow Down Your Mind: An Experiment

    There’s a two-way relationship between a speeded-up mind and negative emotions, Easwaran writes. Meditation gets us back in control.

  • The Mantram at the Time of Death

    The mantram offers huge emotional and spiritual support when we’re with someone who’s dying, and when we face death ourselves. Easwaran explains what happens at death and how we can prepare for it through our own ongoing spiritual practice.

  • Charles the Cat

    In this full-length video, Easwaran reflects gently on the passing away of Charles, a BMCM cat, and goes on to explore the meaning of death and the urgency of our spiritual practice.

  • Building the Will

    Everything in life, everything in spiritual growth, Easwaran says, depends on strengthening the will. In this article he gives a number of small, practical steps showing where we can start.

  • The Mantram Repeating Itself

    In this short excerpt, Easwaran explains what it means to hear the mantram constantly repeating itself, and how we reach this advanced state.

  • What Is Nirvana?

    How to describe the indescribable? In this eight-minute clip, Easwaran tells the story of a debate between a ​great king and a leading Buddhist monk.