Easwaran’s Talks & Writings

Get inspiration and guidance directly from Easwaran in excerpts from his books, articles, and audio and video talks.

  • Choose Kindness

    Being kind doesn’t mean being a doormat, Easwaran explains. He gives tips on training your mind to be strong, calm, and compassionate in all situations.

  • The Transformation of Anger

    Easwaran shows us in this audio talk how to transform anger from a harmful to a healing force, with practical tips from his own life and examples from Gandhi.

  • Finding Unity in Conflict

    Easwaran describes how we can strengthen personal relationships even in the midst of conflicts, by focusing on the common ground.

  • A Love That Lasts

    All relationships require a great deal of patient, selfless work, Easwaran explains in this article. He also shares how the capacity for this work is within each and everyone of us.

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  • Learning to Forgive Ourselves

    As we grow in spiritual awareness, we become more aware of mistakes we’ve made in the past. It’s a painful process, but Easwaran gives us practical, compassionate advice for dealing with guilt.

  • Forgiving Others, Forgiving Ourselves

    Lasting forgiveness is very hard to achieve, but it’s essential if we are to live in peace with ourselves. Easwaran gives practical spiritual guidance.

  • Original Goodness

    Using the metaphor of the lotus, Easwaran introduces the concept of original goodness, our real nature.

  • Living in Harmony

    Easwaran explains in this audio talk what it means to live in harmony: harmony with oneself, harmony with others, and harmony with the environment.

  • Living in Harmony With Others & Ourselves

    In this audio talk, Easwaran shares anecdotes and strategies for finding harmony with others and ourselves in daily life.

  • Dealing Calmly With Criticism

    In this four-minute video clip, Easwaran offers practical advice, and a touch of humor, to help us face criticism with a calm, inquisitive mind.