Easwaran’s Talks & Writings

Get inspiration and guidance directly from Easwaran in excerpts from his books, articles, and audio and video talks.

  • Choose Kindness

    Being kind doesn’t mean being a doormat, Easwaran explains. He gives tips on training your mind to be strong, calm, and compassionate in all situations.

  • What Do Children Need?

    Easwaran describes the most important gifts we can give to our children and teenagers – gifts which will improve all our relationships.

  • The Stages of Life

    In ancient India, human life was divided into four stages. Easwaran explains the inner meaning of these four stages as a spiritual framework for life today.

  • Bringing Our Children Up Wisely

    Easwaran describes three stages in the upbringing of children. He explains what we can do to help them grow up to be secure and selfless.

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