Easwaran’s Talks & Writings

Get inspiration and guidance directly from Easwaran in excerpts from his books, articles, and audio and video talks.

  • Invitation to a Journey

    Easwaran tells the story of Humphrey the whale and presents the spiritual life as a great adventure, encouraging us to put full effort into our meditation practice.

  • Simple Is Beautiful

    An ideal thinker is like an ideal shopper, Easwaran says – focused on essentials. With spiritual training, we can have minds free of worry and full of peace.

  • Meditation: Artistry for Living

    Meditation comes first among spiritual disciplines, and it’s the perfect way to start the day. Easwaran offers brief instructions and an overview of the benefits.

  • Surfing the Waves of Life

    Watching surfers out at sea, Easwaran invites us to train the mind and ride life’s waves with the same effortless grace.

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  • What Is a Mantram & What Can It Do?

    Easwaran explains the meaning and purpose of the mantram, describes its extraordinary power and invites us to try it out for ourselves.

  • Slow Down Your Mind: An Experiment

    There’s a two-way relationship between a speeded-up mind and negative emotions, Easwaran writes. Meditation gets us back in control.

  • The Benefits of One-Pointed Attention

    One-pointedness is essential for clear thinking and smooth functioning of the mind. Easwaran points out pitfalls and opportunities with this practice.

  • The Mind & the Elephant Trunk

    With the story of the elephant walking along by market stalls, Easwaran draws an analogy with our wayward minds.

  • Choosing & Using a Mantram

    Easwaran gives detailed instructions on selecting a mantram, and on how and when to use it. Every repetition helps.

  • The First Chapter of “Passage Meditation”

    This long excerpt is the whole of the first chapter from Easwaran’s classic manual, with detailed instructions in his method of passage meditation.

  • The Elephant Sculptor

    Through the story of the elephant sculptor, learn how passage meditation can help you make your life a work of art and become the person you want to be.

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  • Instructions in Meditation From the Gita

    In this six-minute video clip, Easwaran draws on verses from the Bhagavad Gita to present his instructions in meditation. When the mind is stilled, we will discover the divine spark within us.