Easwaran’s Talks & Writings

Get inspiration and guidance directly from Easwaran in excerpts from his books, articles, and audio and video talks.

  • Choose Kindness

    Being kind doesn’t mean being a doormat, Easwaran explains. He gives tips on training your mind to be strong, calm, and compassionate in all situations.

  • Invitation to a Journey

    Easwaran tells the story of Humphrey the whale and presents the spiritual life as a great adventure, encouraging us to put full effort into our meditation practice.

  • Slowing Down for What Matters Most

    Easwaran shows how we can find opportunities to slow down throughout our day, calming our minds at work and at home.

  • The Power of the Mantram

    Easwaran explains how he came to use a mantram, overcoming his skepticism and discovering its power. He explains what a mantram is and how to use it.

  • One-Pointed Attention

    Easwaran shares practical examples of how we can integrate one-pointed attention into our everyday lives in this 30-minute audio talk.

  • Training the Mind

    In this 30-minute talk, Easwaran shares the benefits and challenges of training the mind through meditation.

  • Meditation: Artistry for Living

    Meditation comes first among spiritual disciplines, and it’s the perfect way to start the day. Easwaran offers brief instructions and an overview of the benefits.

  • What Is a Mantram & What Can It Do?

    Easwaran explains the meaning and purpose of the mantram, describes its extraordinary power and invites us to try it out for ourselves.

  • Slow Down Your Mind: An Experiment

    There’s a two-way relationship between a speeded-up mind and negative emotions, Easwaran writes. Meditation gets us back in control.

  • The Benefits of One-Pointed Attention

    One-pointedness is essential for clear thinking and smooth functioning of the mind. Easwaran points out pitfalls and opportunities with this practice.

  • Training the Senses: The Power of Conditioning

    With a considerable touch of humor, Easwaran introduces us to the challenges and benefits of sense training – a route to perfect freedom in the mind.

  • Spiritual Fellowship

    Answering a question about loneliness on the spiritual path, Easwaran gives four pieces of practical advice about spiritual fellowship.

  • Spiritual Reading

    Easwaran gives four suggestions for finding inspiration, instruction and companionship from spiritual reading.

  • Choosing & Using a Mantram

    Easwaran gives detailed instructions on selecting a mantram, and on how and when to use it. Every repetition helps.

  • Real Life Tales of the Mantram

    Easwaran opens this lively audio talk with his story of the student who panicked on the eve of his finals. The mantram came to the rescue.

  • The First Chapter of “Passage Meditation”

    This long excerpt is the whole of the first chapter from Easwaran’s classic manual, with detailed instructions in his method of passage meditation.

  • Instructions in Meditation From the Gita

    In this six-minute video clip, Easwaran draws on verses from the Bhagavad Gita to present his instructions in meditation. When the mind is stilled, we will discover the divine spark within us.

  • Dealing Calmly With Criticism

    In this four-minute video clip, Easwaran offers practical advice, and a touch of humor, to help us face criticism with a calm, inquisitive mind.

  • The Mantram Repeating Itself

    In this short excerpt, Easwaran explains what it means to hear the mantram constantly repeating itself, and how we reach this advanced state.